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Bing-vectorA couple of years ago I started using an SEO assistance software (UpCity.com) that helped me capture some online directories and other beginner SEO tactics. Being a novice at SEO at the time I didn’t really understand the importance of ranking on any other search engines besides Google. Bing and Yahoo have merged their directories and even though you still need to have a listing on both Yahoo and Bing, Yahoo is where you will increase your rankings on Bing believe it or not.

Similar to Google, Bing has their own algorithms to help throw off all those black hat SEO cowboys. But for us white hat SEO people, I’ve discovered a fairly simple way to help increase your rankings on Bing/Yahoo. Even if it is short lived, Bing will pull down your ranking numbers if you are not consistent with your traffic, so keep this in mind. I first discovered my ranking on Bing when I set up my UpCity SEO software. I chose my industry keywords and I automatically indexed very very high (100+) with my chosen keywords, but ranked in the mid 20’s with Google with those same keywords. I just thought this was good enough, being naive to the importance of online diversity and search engines. However, slowly this number started to bother me and I began to do some research and reworked some of my website content, but still nothing. Then one day, I noticed someone wrote a review about our office on our (free) Yahoo local listing. Two days later I opened up my UpCity and noticed my numbers dropped below 100 and we were sitting at 55, which is a significant difference. At first, I didn’t realize that the impact of the Yahoo Local review but as I looked further I noticed there were two reviews.

yahooThis was no coincidence. Yahoo and Bing are lumped together, like Google+, Yahoo local is a place where people can post reviews, and Bing does not have a review platform, so they point everything over to Yahoo Local. For testing purposes, I let some time pass and after not soliciting any reviews to our Yahoo Local page I noticed that our ranking on Bing went back up to 100. Over the next couple of weeks, I solicited a couple more reviews from satisfied customers that had Yahoo accounts. The ranking went back down to 65 with one review. I updated our content as well and put in some keywords in our description and it went down a couple more points too.

Bottom line, similar to Google, Bing wants fresh content on their sites. This is understandable, and this is good and basic SEO. It’s the simplicity of SEO practices that we so quickly disregard, so don’t forget about the simple things. Content is always king and raw data and content such as reviews should never go untouched or undervalued! If you are not collecting and asking for reviews, chances are people will not partake and this is your easiest way besides blogging to create original content and authority. It’s a lot to ask someone to take time out of their busy schedules to write a review about your business. So, make it enticing for individuals to write about you online by offering a small reward for doing so.

PRO TIP: One other point, if you have not set up a Bing Local (Places) account or Yahoo Local account, do so! Also make sure to index your website through Bing Webmaster Tools. One of the biggest mistakes I see with clients who are managing their own websites and SEO, they never index through Bing. Big mistake!!!

NOTE: Yahoo Local is one of the most confusing and frustrating directory listings on the web, however it is important and essential to your business and online authority. DO NOT disregard Yahoo and do not pay for a listing with them. Use the free business listing but keep in mind every time you change something on your Yahoo local listing, it has to be approved by Yahoo. And it can sometimes take up to 7 days for it to be approved. They want you to use their paid listing, but in my opinion, I’ve used the $10 month premium upgrade listing and you still have to wait almost 7 days for change approvals and if you don’t have a yahoo account, it can be tricky to login and find your local listing. Use your Google account to login instead of creating a yahoo account, it will keep things congruent and easy to remember.

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The Importance of Verifying On Pinterest, Google+ and Bing

VERIFIED-VECTORIf you are new to Social Media marketing for your business and have noticed the option to verify your business on sites such as Google+ or Pinterest, and Bing do not ignore this opportunity, nor underestimate them.  The more and more cold research I do about local businesses, far too often I notice their social media sites are not verified.  This isn’t an intractable move but mainly a common mistake most companies make do to their lack of understanding of the process and it’s importance.

Verification started a couple years ago with the launch of Google+ and the introduction of Google Local, which has now taken the place of Google Places for Businesses. The initial idea behind verification was to get businesses and companies more involved on certain social media platforms and to help impel their Google ratings. Now, verification has developed into an essential off page SEO tool in amping up your link juice!

 What is Verification?

Verification is now used not only by Google and Bing but also by Pinterest and LinkedIn. The intention of the verification process is to validate that you are a legitimate business and your listings online is accurate and authentic. The significance of this verification is fundamental to the health of your online presence and to help boost your efforts in your off page SEO. Not only does it facilitate with searches but also gives you a boost in your Google ratings and gives weight to the ownership of your blog and website by back linking.

In addition to site verification you also have the opportunity to partake in the Analytics portion of Google, Pinterest and Bing. These analytics give you essential inside information about the traffic going to and from your website/blog and social media bands. Moreover, it is absolutely FREE.

Learn how to verify your sites here

Social media has converted into more than just posting, pictures, specials and content; it has become an alternative variety of SEO and off page link juice and link building. If you are still viewing social media as just place to post your specials and business information, then you are missing out on an extraordinary opportunity to inaugurate the process of off page SEO and link building. It’s simple, easy, FREE and effective!