Make a Non-Friend a Facebook Manager

Les Profile2Have you ever tried to make someone a Manager of your Facebook page that wasn’t a friend? Previously, Facebook made it rather complicated to make someone a manager of a Facebook page if they weren’t your friend first. But now, they’ve simplified the process, but there’s a trick to it.

First of all, if you have more than 50 likes on your Facebook page, Facebook will allow you to view your on page analytics about your page including who likes your page. Through the See Likes window, you can see a list of individuals who have liked your page and next to their name there is a small button that says “make admin” simple right? As I mentioned as long as you have 50 likes or more this is the simplest way to make someone a manager or admin of your page.

What if someone doesn’t like your page can you still make him or her a manager?

You bet! As long as they have a Facebook account you can make them a manager. And it’s pretty simple too. Goto to the “Edit Page” menu at the top of your Facebook Page, click on Manage Admin Roles, from here you are taken to the editing Admin Roles page. You can make someone a manager or just a content creator depending on his or her role. All you need is the email they use to login to their Facebook page, plug that in where it says Specify Email Address and the drop down menu right below allows you to select what role you want them to manager such as manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser or insight analyst. Once this is done, they can now manage your page. However, they must approve this request first.

To approve this role request they must be logged into their personal Facebook profile and goto: this will take them to their invites, click on the invites tab and approve. Done and Done.

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